Personalized, Contextualized Coaching Packages for
developing Managers, Leaders and Executives

Do You Set Your Leaders Up for Performance Success?

Choosing leaders to be the gateway of communication for your business is an important decision.  When your leaders want to level up their performance, or maybe feel stuck and are looking to regroup and reconfigure how they perform, how can you set them up to succeed?

Without proper support, knowledge, and applied practice for improvement, companies experience things like poor communication, poor accountability, conflict, stress, workplace relationship issues, low engagement, lack of feedback, politics-the list goes on.


Who's it For?

Anyone in your organization looking for development and change in how they perform. Newly promoted, the high-potential, the stuck executive, the newly formed team, the team who has lost steam, the C-suite in need of reflection and direction, executive leaders, mid-level managers and leaders — they can all benefit from the CoachUp! program.





  • Baseline – Begin by focusing on self-discovery and self-awareness to clearly see who and where you are and the challenges you're facing.

  • Strategize and Visualize – Contextualize issues, relationships, challenges, aspirations, targets, success, gaps, and needs.

  • Practice and Apply – Expand and develop, practice, reflect, learn, discover, deal with blind spots, and be uncomfortable as you learn and apply these new skills and change behaviors.

  • Evaluate and Measure – Alignment check, achievement check, and see the impact for the business and your stakeholders. Feel the rush of your new found confidence.

How's it Work?

The CoachUp! program is a totally personalized experience for each participant. Our trained and credentialed coaches work bimonthly or monthly with each participant one-on-one. Coaches are able to quickly assess desired learning needs and mutually formulate a development plan designed to challenge the participant while engaging them to chart their own growth. However, all coaching is targeted to align with organizational goals and objectives relative to the individual’s job role and expected performance capability. Both the participant and the coach accept full accountability for successful achievement and desired results.

With CoachUp!, you get:


A clearly defined understanding of the role of the participant and the coach


A strictly confidential, deliberate procedure of observation, inquiry, dialogue, and discovery.


A continuous process of assignments driven by reflection and practice


An effective method of measuring the mastery of the learning targets

Support Growth by Supporting Leaders

Supporting your leaders' desire to reach great new heights within the company is investing in the future! Showing up and cultivating the growth within your leaders is the first step to a long road of successes.

Want to make CoachUp! part of your team?