Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Tools for Teams

3 hour to 1/2 day sessions with high impact

Problems with Problem Solving?

Business resilience is a skill set. Don’t outsource thinking.

Learn to unlock the answers that already reside within your organization. Teach your teams how to navigate complexity to make better decisions  and move forward with confidence. Your team will learn tools for better critical thinking and complex problem-solving to stress test plans and strategies.  ToughenUp! is both a mindset and a set of tools to give your leaders to set them up for success.



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Why ToughenUp?

Drawn from the tradecraft of intelligence analysts and the research of cognitive psychologists, ToughenUp! is designed to challenge assumptions, pressure-test plans, and ensure that the best ideas win, regardless of where they come from in an organization.


Here are the main benefits of a ToughenUp! program:
Gathering Information

ToughenUp! tackles the necessity of information searches or environment scans and ensurse the search is unbiased, wide and covers as much as possible, and is not ended early.


 ToughenUp! aims to guard against preconceptions or closely held mental models that can influence the way individuals or teams assess and evaluate information and risks.

Finding the Best Outcome

ToughenUp! guides teams to finding the best solution and decision out a many possible decisions without being affected by misapplication, negative past experience, or external pressures.

Solid Course(s) of Action

If your team has gone through a ToughenUp! course, they will learn how to ensure that decisions are planned and put into action in the most effective manner by taking precautions against over-optimistic thinking, contingencies not being considered, potential problems or potential failure pathways.


Teaming Should Be Intentional

Everyone wants to be a part of a winning team. Being part of a team fosters a chance for folks to bring their experience together to achieve a common goal, and through that process become a better professional and a better person.

But your team can't solve problems if they have problems.

If your team is experiencing:

-a lack of psychological safety and feeling like they can't speak up on tough topics

-no cognitive diversity and are all swayed by one voice

-talking past and over each other instead of listening 

then Toughen Up! is the program for you!

Meet the Coaches

These Toughen Up! certified coaches come from all walks of life and have seen it all. They're here to lend their experience to help you revolutionize mindsets with toolsets tailored to you and your business.

Jennifer Long
Master Coach, CEO at Own Up!®
Peter Lyddon
Master Coach at Own Up!®

Teamwork is the most satisfying work there is.

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