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Leadership Skills Training

It takes deliberate practice to become a better leader.

Leadership is less about creating followers  than it is about influencing the conversation and driving the collaboration toward the common goal. Leadership can and should be encouraged to emerge at all levels in an organization regardless of role or title. This self-driven, self-initiating capacity has substantial implications for how leaders are identified, assessed, and developed.



Past performance of your high-potential candidates is not an indicator of future performance. 

Selection of your next leaders should not be based on story-telling and the ability to navigate organizational politics.
Most business has become too complex for a single leader to effectively meet all the demands placed on them.
Leaders fill critical roles in an organization, and, when spread too thin, they can end up leaving; putting an expensive hole in a leadership team
Experts promoted to leadership roles run the risk of failure within the first 18 months of promotion - some fail spectacularly, while many suffer silently trying to make due.

Leadership is an aspiration and a choice.

Leadership is not a specific role or title, leadership is everyone’s business. Leaders are key drivers of organizational performance, not only people at the top of the organization. Key drivers are people who will consistently generate high-levels of output that influence the success or failure of the areas of responsibility. They are force multipliers that both model and teach winning behaviors and can shape high performing cultures.

Select Better Leaders with Better Decision Making Rigor Around Data

Reduce the bias, story-telling and politicking that can diminish the effectiveness of your leadership decisions. Ineffective leadership promotions are costly to your business and culture. Assessments arrays create non-biased data about job fit and performance capability as well as identify the learning agility required for any leader to be successful in any business.

Develop Your Individual Leaders. Leadership Development is Self-Development

Readiness to lead takes clarity to see who you are as a leader as much as knowing where you can take your team, your organization and your company. Part of every leadership development program includes 1:1 coaching around the applied practice of needed skills and behaviors of leading.

Develop Your Leadership Teams. Heroic Leadership is Over

Leading effectively in a complex business environment requires teaming in some way. Most work is some kind of team work. Being both an effective team leader and teammate within a company delivers a performance advantage. Part of every leadership program includes teaming experiences and capability development.

Transformation and Change is the Work of Leaders

Our leadership program addresses change in three critical dimensions: the leader, between leaders and within the organization itself. Each modules is designed to address the learning and skills requires for each dimension with time for applied practice and coached development in-between. Team experiences are customized to your company.

Developing leaders in your business can help create more effective methods and practices in your workplace. The Lead On! program from Own Up!® can help improve both your leadership teams and well as the natural leaders not currently in leadership roles. 

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