Transformational Leadership Skills Training


It takes deliberate practice to lead change.

Transforming the organization means changes in mindsets, skillsets, practices as well as processes and systems throughout. It begins with the individual leaders digging deep to first see themselves in a new light to then see the company, division or team and how it works in a new light. It takes an understanding of and willingness to experiment, evaluate, learn and measure how work can be accomplished differently and better.

 LeadOn! is a learning journey and an applied practice to both drive and deliver changes within an organization and move it toward it's ambition while working to realize the value the organization is seeking to capture as a result.

The Leader Experience

Leaders participate in a 6-month development journey.

Organizational executives are asked to both sponsor the cohort and to participate in the program at points in each module. This purposefully creates organizational alignment around transformation efforts and understanding.

We also work with you to create team-based projects that allow participants to both improve team skills, complex problem-solving as well as do the transformational work.

LeadOn! Is a comprehensive journey to transform your leaders so they can transform your organization. It's a base design that integrates into your company strategic objectives around change.


3 Modules

+ 1-day learning Modules Over 6 Months

+ The Modules: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Organization

+ Includes a Learner Discussion Forum




7, 1:1 Coaching Sessions

+ Over 6 Months

+ Includes Assessment Debriefs, Goal Setting, Growth Plans and a Goal Review

+ Includes a Learner Discussion Forum

Assessment Options

We use some amazing tools and assessments that help your leaders unlock a better understanding of themselves, how they learn, and how they communicate. Check out the assessment tools you can utilize with your LeadOn! program:

LPI® 360

This 360, online assessment is a simple, data-driven, and time-tested assessment. Learn more.

Everything DiSC®

This 20-minute, online assessment provides your leader with their DiSC style. Learn More.

PXT Select®

This 45-minute, online assessment provides your leader results against a Performance Model for their job role. Learn more.


This 45-minute, online assessment provides your leader results against a more nuanced version of a fundamental body of research. Learn More.

Is LeadOn! the level up you're needing?